Veterinary Services

Nobody likes to consider the thought of their pet being injured or seriously ill, but if the unexpected should happen we can provide the very best in modern surgical and medical techniques.  We have outlined some of the services we can offer below.


Clinical Examination

Each consultation with the vet lasts 15 minutes and includes a full physical examination. If your pet requires medication, we are only able to prescribe once your pet has been seen by a vet for that condition. 

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Dental hygiene is of upmost importance, bacteria in the mouth can lead to problems with the vital organs. Without regular tooth brushing, tartar forms on the teeth and can only be removed using a dental descaler.

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Hospitalisation Facilities

We have separate wards for dogs and cats to be hospitalised and for recovery from anaesthetic. We have a modern laboratory on site with state of the art equipment to enable us to diagnose medical conditions quickly and easily.

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We can tell a lot about an animal’s health by taking a simple blood or urine sample for testing. We have modern laboratory equipment in our laboratory to enable us to diagnose medical conditions quickly and easily.

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Operating Theatre

Our large, fully equipped and sterile operating theatre has a wide variety of modern surgical instruments and equipment that allows us to perform many advanced procedures and complex life-saving operations.

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Radiography Suite

X-rays are taken using our modern x-ray machine and specialist table to allow us to produce sharp, clear images which aid in the diagnosis of many conditions, not just broken bones.

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Diagnostic imaging is not limited to X-rays; our ultrasound machine is the same as you would see in a human hospital, and is capable of producing quality diagnostic images of your pet.

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ElectroCardioGraphy is used to measure how well the heart and the valves within the heart are functioning. The information from the machine can be an aid to diagnosing heart conditions in your pet.

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Blood Pressure Monitoring

Our blood pressure monitoring equipment is the same as the ones used in neonatal wards, and is used to diagnose high or low blood pressure and then to monitor the effect of medication on your pet’s blood pressure.

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Endoscopy uses a fibre-optic light source to look at the inside of your pet. We are able to remove foreign bodies and take samples of tissue to assist us in diagnosing conditions in inaccessible parts of your pet.

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The pharmacy is well stocked with all the medications necessary to treat the condition your pet has been diagnosed with, so that you can take medication on the same day and begin treatment straight away.

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K Laser

Laser therapy or 'photobiomodulation' is the use of specific wavelengths of light (read or near infrared light) to create therapeutic effects.
These effects include improved healing time, pain reduction, increased blood circulation and decreased swelling.

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Occasionally, we see pets with injuries or conditions we consider would benefit from treatment by specialist vets. In these cases, we act in the best interests of your pet and send them to our colleagues at referral centres.

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Payment and Insurance

Payment is required at the time of your pet’s treatment and we provide a fully itemised invoice to help you understand the breakdown of the costs involved. We are able to process payment in the form of cash and credit and debit cards. We are unfortunately unable to accept cheques.

We are also able to complete your insurance claim paperwork free of charge to help you reclaim the outlay for your pet’s treatment quickly. There is a small charge, the price of a stamp, to cover the cost of sending the form to your insurance company. This process can take up to 10 days to complete as we process such a high volume. If you require your form to be processed more quickly than this, we are able to fast track your insurance form for a small fee.




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Consultations available by appointment during the adjacent opening times.  

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