Emergency Terms and Conditions

The emergency service is subject to the following terms and conditions

• The emergency service is contactable only through the main surgery telephone number 01489 607001. During out of hours periods, this number will forward you to the duty vet. We will endeavour to answer your call straight away, or if we are dealing with another emergency, we will return your call within 5 minutes. If you haven’t had a call within 5 minutes, please call the surgery again.

• Pet owners who are not clients of the practice will initially be directed to contact the veterinary practice with which they are registered.

• Home visits are discouraged on the basis of a lack of good facilities for examining the pet at home, the practical difficulties of administering effective treatment for emergency cases at home, the need to hospitalise most emergency cases and the time delay in driving to and finding the address.

• Animals undergoing emergency hospitalisation will be attended to full time until considered stable and then monitored at regular intervals by staff returning to the surgery.

• Emergency consultations are more expensive than normal consultations to cover the extra costs for providing the service. The duty vet will advise you on the cost of the consultation. This fee does not  include the cost of any treatment or hospitalisation. In the event of further treatment, an estimate can be provided on examination of the patient.

• Emergency fees are payable at the time of the consultation.

• If you have never previously registered your pet with a vet, we will be prepared to register you at the time of the emergency, but full and complete payment at the time will be mandatory.

• We accept payment by cash and most major credit cards.

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