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Do Pets Get Dementia?

Many of us have the privilege of owning older pets. When an animal slows down and isolates him or herself, we may think they are just ageing, but often they may have hidden health problems that we can cure or manage.

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Beach safety for dogs

We are so lucky being on the south coast with some wonderful beaches to enjoy during hot weather, and whilst we always recommend keeping your dog cool, there are just a few tips we would like to pass on to keep your dog safe on the beach.

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How to Avoid Hot Dogs…

With the hot weather, we’re seeing all too many overheated dogs at the moment. Tragically, heat stroke is often fatal to dogs, and they are much more sensitive to the effects of heatwaves than we are.

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Galen Myotherapy

Dogs with joint disease, osteoarthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, acute/chronic muscular injury or spinal disease can now benefit from a new service at the surgery.

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